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Learn Song Family Xingyiquan

Updated: Apr 28

Here is the secret of why the Chinese martial artists of the 1920s were great practical fighters - deep basics which transformed their bodies and minds, and......they actually fought a lot!!

There is no other way. Not by being part of a special lineage, by having a cool logo, by talking, only by transforming through precise basics and testing those skills in free fighting (whatever format) will the art be made real.

All of us who do this are progressing, no room for arrogance or laziness, we are all learning and deepening our skills even the old masters.

My goal on my video training courses is to share the precise details which develop core basics, real whole body connected power. The testing part is up to you, find a training partner who you can work with without ego, slowly building the pace and intensity. Join a mma open mat evening but use your Xingyi body and mind to test against other arts under pressure. Its not about win or lose, its about growing!

If you are interested in my approach to the old arts. ....

Learn how to take direct action against violent attack - evade, neutralise, intercept and penetrate - using the robust structure and six harmonies theory of Xingyiquan.

A video training course packed with precise details previously taught within the closed doors of North China's martial clans. Which means nothing.....until you test it and bring it to life....then you will realise how practical it is!

Stage 1 and 2 available now.

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