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Martial Cultivation Issue 4 - Available Now!

Our cover story is an in-depth interview with the Hong Kong Yi Quan and Liuhebafa Master Hui Kit Wah, who generously gave very precise information which will be useful for all martial artists seeking a clear methodology for developing fighting skill. 


Also in this issue...

o   Mo Ming continues his colum in part 3 of  'What are the Internal Martial Arts'

o   Alex Kozma continues his series on the '24 Nei Gong Excercises of Xingyi Baguazhang'

o   We explore the 'Deep Roots of Ancient Martials Arts' in conversation with Master Zhang Guoli

o   Matt Carey translates 'The Earth Dragon Classic of Xingyiquan'


Buy now for instant download as a PDF44 page PDF Document. 

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