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The Original Courtyard Lessons

Study Yin Fu branch Baguaquan with Alex Kozma, 6th Generation exponent (under Master He Jinghan), as he presents the theory, training methods and fighting skills of this martial art made famous by the bodyguards of the Qing Emperor.


Alex's four decades of training, and his many encounters with violence (including professional security work), give the course material a distinct focus on how to become a protector of yourself and those around you. This includes the Mother Palms Neigong which develops robust health and internal power for no-distance striking, strategy and tactics against solo and melee unarmed/armed attack, and many unique skills taught within this tradition.

Course Delivery: Upon purchase you will be sent PDF via email containing a link to access the Dropbox site where you will be able to download all content.

**Please note this course was filmed without microphones and at various picture resolutions and aspect ratios.

Expect variation in audio quality and picture resolution.** 

"Yin Fun Bagua is exceptionally deep and precise. Alex covers every aspect of the tradition in this course; some weeks we focus on body mechanics or theory, while other times we explore the fighting applications or health benefits of this school. The cumulative result is an understanding of the art as a whole. Many of the training methods in this school feel truly unique and have a profound impact on the body. Alex's teaching style is clear and concise; it is a privilege to be his student."   

- Sam, UK

"I've been fortunate enough to do several of Alex's courses over the last few years - they've all been excellent and his current Yin Fu Ba Gua one is no exception. Taking the teachings of Master He Jin Han, distilling them into short but highly informative and practical lessons, combining them with his own extensive and profound research into and practice of the internal martial arts, Alex delivers a incredibly precious and worthwhile product. Past that, his commitment to responding to his students' questions and including his responses in the video lessons, means that the lessons have a "live" quality rarely encountered in online learning. Frankly, I would recommend this course to anyone - students of the internal arts shouldn't think twice about signing up to it .

- Mike, UK

"I like this course. It covers not only outer form, but also internal components of yin bagua exercises, focusing on principles and practical usage for combat. Big plus is that all my questions were answered, so everything is very clear and understandable. Also the tips on practicing for health were helpful and brings some interesting ideas. "

- Leos

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