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Song Family Xingyiquan

Nei Jia Strategy Remastered Training Course

Song Family Xingyiquan is a no-nonsense weapons and barehand fighting art from North China, which focuses on the development of whole body explosive power, Neigong inner cultivation, and a refined fighting strategy based on the Five Fists and Twelve Animals.

Alex Kozma is a 6th Generation exponent of Song Family Xingyiquan, who teaches in precise detail the essential points for developing internal power, fighting skill and healthy longevity. Filmed mostly in live lessons with his students, this course is especially useful for those who have learned the basics of Xingyiquan and want to explore further details and training methods.

(This series was originally titled Nei Jia Strategy and Fighting Skills)

Course Delivery: Upon purchase you will be able to, sign in to this site and  stream the course by pressing the red button under the course below.