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Training Archive

Training Archive.

By popular request we have opened the archive vault doors and will be uploading some of our original video course to the new Line of Intent site. Working in partnership with Narrative Creative Studios we are carefully re-editing, re-mastering and re-packaging these courses together to offer amazing value for money.

In these video courses, filmed unscripted in private classes, Alex teaches the precise details of body mechanics, inner cultivation and fighting strategy, as a way to martial efficiency, wisdom and internal power. Living with Master Chen for several years as part of his family, he received the teaching of his Grandmaster Lio Peizhong, who in turn received his own training in the Qing Imperial Palace and in the Kun Lun mountains.

**Please note these courses were originally filmed without microphones and at various picture resolutions, and aspect ratios. We have re-mastered audio and picture in high definition where possible for the best viewing experience however but some picture and sound anomalies may remain.** 

Song Family Xingyiquan Part 1



Weeks 1-7 of the Song Family Xingyiquan Nei Jai video training course

Streaming access to Song Family Xingyiquan weeks 1-7

Over 3.5 hours of training footage

Email Q&A support from Alex Kozma on topics covered

Nei Jia Strategy was run over 28 weeks and is suitable for those with some basic training in Xingyiquan who want to learn the more intricate details of the basics, and more advanced theories and skills. It will also be of interest to any martial artist wanting to see what makes arts such as Xingyiquan 'internal', and the path to developing whole body spiral power.

Grouped into 4 parts each comprising of 7 weeks worth of lessons. Part 1 is available now with parts 2-4 coming in spring 2024.

Nei Jia Strategy

Xingyiquan Previews

Xingyiquan Previews

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