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This video course presents an in depth teaching on the eight core forces of Taijiquan - Bing lu ji an tsai lieh kao jio.


Only with a precise understanding of the body mechanics involved in these eight methods can a practitioner begin to use the art to deal with violent attack, and to fully express the refined skills and penetrating internal power for which it was famous during the Qing Era.


Alex Kozma shares clearly and openly the methods he learned from Marpa Chen, a disciple of GM Lio Peizhong who studied the art in the Qing Imperial Palace before 1900. This Taijiquan is based on yin yang theory, snake, crane and monkey skils.


This video course is suitable for those wanting to develop real fighting skill, there is focus only on the eight forces and fighting strategy rather than long form or mystical jargon.


Stage 2 of the course continues to present detailed teaching of the eight forces, plus introduces the first section of the Long Form with applications, six harmony theory and the nine circles core training.


COURSE DELIVERY: Upon purchase you will be sent PDF via email containing a link to access the Dropbox site where you will be able to download all content.

Tajiquan Part 2, Weeks 1-12

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