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Qing Era Taijiquan: The Spiral Boxing of Marpa Chen, Taiwan Presidential Bodyguard

By Alex Kozma


A small, concentrated book containing the core teachings of Chen Yuensan, Taiwan Presidential Bodyguard, as taught to Alex Kozma.


Chapters - Marpa Chen's teacher Daoist Master Lio Peizhong (head of Kun Lun Immortal Sect) , core Neigong sets of Huang Fan Gong and Nine Circles,  explanation of Taijiquan eight forces and fighting strategy, traditional healing aspects, understanding death and dying, inner cultivation.and meditation, training with Marpa Chen.


A book for serious students of Taijiquan and internal martial arts, a compilation of Marpa Chen's wisdom and teachings through conversations with the author, and explanations of his treatise on Taiji boxing practice and Neigong.


This book is a perfect companion for those following the teachings on Alex's Qing Era Taijiquan video course.


100 pages | Downloadable PDF

Qing Era Tajiquan - PDF

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