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This edition introduces Mo Ming, a Bagua and Taijiquan expert from Hong Kong in the lineage of Bai Hua, the Daoist boxer made famous by the books of a western Daoist writer. His detailed exploration of What is Internal Martial Arts will inspire and inform anyone practicing the internal arts.


Our editor Alex Kozma explains practices to prepare for death and dying, and also continues his illustrated teaching of Xingyi and Bagua Neigong. 


Serge Augier shares an extensive article on the Chinese fighting arts, and Mike Kaniewski shares his knowledge on the Bagua Eight Mother Palms.


We round off this edition with extensive articles on Ajahn Jayasaro of the Thai Forest Tradition, and practices for transforming Jing to Qi.


No Longer available in Print  - Buy now for instant download as PDF
46 page PDF Document. 

Martial Cultivation Issue 2

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