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Coming Soon in Dragon Year!

Hi and Happy 2024 to all our wonderful subscribers and customers !

News of some great new projects coming soon....

  • Inheritor of the Penang Chu Ka Kuen Phoenix Eye Fist , Master Stephen Choe, will start teaching a video course on this powerful and practical fighting art. He will be the first teacher on our video learning platform, where weekly lessons will be available by subscription.

  • The back issues of Martial Cultivation Journal are being redesigned in both pdf and print versions, with edition 3 featuring the highly skilled internal fighting master Paul Rogers being released in the next week.

  • The audio book of my Nei Gong for Martial Power is almost ready, and will be available to buy here.

  • And much more as well, please keep your eyes on this blog and I will update you soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful Dragon year!

Alex Kozma

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