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Traditional Song Family Xingyiquan puts great emphasis on internal energy training, internal power issuing, martial morality, longevity, meditation, and the connection between 'inside and outside' and the 'spirit and the intention'. 


Whilst practicing the trainee keeps his mind focused on principles such as the six harmonies, six direction force, and loose tight loose. There is a very specific pathway of issuing force from feet to hands, requiring much study to understand.


Following these methods the Song style practitioner is able to issue a very distinctive kind of force, that is explosive and elastic at the same time.


Our tradition was founded in China's Qing Dynasty by the brothers Song Shirong and Song Shide , after decades of research to infuse ancient Xingyiquan with Baguaquan, Yijingjing (sinew transforming classic of Bodhidharma) and the theories of the Neigong Si Jing (4 scrolls of inner work).


Martial artists from around China visited the Song Courtyard to experience the explosive internal power and close-in fighting skills of the brothers and their disciples, most of whom maintained great skill and health into their 80s and 90s.


The art is now practiced by hundreds of people in China and abroad. My teacher Gordon Tso learned directly from GM Song Guanghua and his son Sifu Song Baoguang, and also from Sifu Zhao Chuanhai whose father was a famous Xingyiquan fighter in North China.


My teaching is based on Song Xingyiquan,  and some aspects of Hebei Xingyiquan, along with traditional Dit Da injury medicine and Buddhist Neigong,  to produce internal power,  wisdom, martial efficiency and longevity. 


Each of the core training aspects has many levels of study, and consists of the following - 



Santishr (standing meditation and Neigong)


Study of Neigong Si Jing and Fighting Strategy 


Yijingjing (sinew transformation)


Exercises for loosening the body


Tumbling and ground skills


Five Fists


12 Animal Skills


Footwork Skills


Short Stick Skills


Sabre Skills


Long Spear Skills


Straight Sword Skills


Fighting Skills


Nine Exercises Eighteen Posts (internal force and Dantien training )


Advanced skills such as Coiling Earth Dragon , Iron Gate Lock, Animal Transformation, hidden weapons etc


Long Forms


Healing skills (herbal formulas, acupuncture, acu point massage, esoteric healing)


Dien Xue (study of vital points)


Dharma practices - Silla, Samahdi and Prana cultivation, bone marrow washing.



For distant students I have written two books on Xingyiquan (available from our store page)  and made a series of instructional videos giving precise and extensive details of the foundation practices and core fighting strategies (to be released this autumn).


For those interested in Buddhist Neigong and Longevity Skills,  there are two audio/video courses available. 

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