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Journey of the Dragon

The Beautiful Music of Ian Houghton

Journey through light and darkness, water and fire, layers and textures of music and imagination. Sounds and rhythms, stillness and flow subtly interwoven into hauntingly beautiful and lovingly crafted instrumentals. Flutes, guitars, piano, percussion and many other diverse instruments come together in a unique combination of sound. The extraordinary music of Ian Houghton is both passionate and gentle, joyful and uplifting and takes us on an unforgettable musical voyage of discovery and delight to find the magical dragon within our own heart.  

About Ian Houghton.


Ian has always been passionate about music. At the age of seven he was given his first guitar for Christmas and has been playing ever since, gradually expanding his musical knowledge and range of instruments to include, keyboard, piano, flute, percussion and anything else he can find that he can get a tune out of.


He is a martial arts Sifu, which means teacher. From the age of seven he learnt Kung Fu and later on Tai Chi and has been practising and teaching Tai Chi, Wing Chun and other martial arts for many years.


Ian lives and breathes martial arts and music in equal measure.

During the Covid lockdown in 2020 he took the time to explore that musical passion and began his journey in creating his own extraordinary unique compositions.

His compelling, beautiful multi layered instrumentals are each in their own way a precious work of art, which can be appreciated and revisited many times over.  Ian doesn’t just write music, he becomes the music, embracing it fully within his heart and soul.


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Listen to a 30 second preview of each track

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