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Line of Intent

Welcome to Line of Intent, a publishing company devoted to bringing you the very best in books, videos and audio related to traditional Martial Arts and Asian Culture.


I founded Line of Intent in 1998 by self-publishing my books on traditional martial arts and my travels in Asia, with small runs of 200 copies made at a print shop in downtown Taipei. Since then we have expanded to produce dozens of top-quality instructional courses, audio series, novels, technical books, musical cds and our Martial Cultivation Journal, enjoyed by tens of thousands of customers and students from around the world.


If you have a passion for traditional Asian martial arts, Healing and Cultivation, the pages on this site are full of useful information as well as our publications. Feel free to contact us with queries or orders - I am happy to respond to technical questions and give feedback to distant students on my online courses, just as I do with my small group of students in my private school.


The traditional martial arts and cultivation practices provide tremendous benefits for protection skills, longevity and spiritual insight, and my publications are based on 40 years of study with some of the greatest masters of our time. I keep practicing every day, deepening my understanding, and hope that as many people as possible can benefit from these ancient traditions.


Wishing you the best of health!

Alex Kozma
Alex Signature


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